*BILL TENNANT (Selman) 2008 

*BILL TENNANT (Selman) 2008


32" M SEV 5.5" TET

BILL TENNANT has peachy mauve blooms with a rosy plum eye outlined violet purple and a yellow to green throat. It has a matching triple edge of rosy plum, violet purple and a bubbly gold outer edge. As the season progresses, the ruffled edge becomes much more elaborate with gold hooks and knobs. The last blooms exhibit a strong tendency to double and it has been used as a parent to create doubles with triple edges. BILL TENNANT has 3 to 4-way branching with 20 or more buds. Fertile both ways and a wonderful parent. A real show stopper in the garden!

Named for a founding member of the Western North Carolina Daylily Club, an avid gardener and compassionate humanitarian. 

You are bidding on a very nice DOUBLE fan. 

Price/DF $19.99